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2019年8月~ エクシブ湯河原離宮(コロナ対策のため休止中)






2017年10月~2018年3月 横浜市泉区の区民向け講座で講師を務める

2018年4月 自身が主催するボサノヴァ教室、サークルを開始

2021年9月 よみうりカルチャー横浜でボサノヴァ講座を開講




2014年 泉区民文化センターにてボサノヴァのコンサートを企画立案

2015年 泉区民文化センターにてボサノヴァのコンサートを企画立案

Noriko Ikejiri is a bossa nova, guitarist and singer-songwriter.


She has a reputation of having a gentle and soft voice that mixes with a stable guitar for her fantastic original songs.


At a young age she became intimate with classical music through the piano.


In middle and high school she played violin in the orchestra club.


In her school days, she influenced by classical and jazz music as well as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Akiko Yano.



She achieved her goal of entering Waseda University as a psychology major.


While in college she was introduced to bossa nova after Ryuichi Sakamoto said that “I want to make music like A.C. Jobim” so she got Tom Jobim’s WAVE album.


After graduating from college, she started working as a software engineer for a banking firm.


It was here in 2004 that she saw two concerts. She was fascinated that Tamio Okuda and Joao Gilberto were the only ones on stage as they did their performances.Their style captivated her.


In 2005 she apprenticed under Noriko Yamamoto and began singing and guitar performances.


She is currently apprenticing under Noriko Yamamoto, Jun Kagami, Wilma de Oliveira, Marcelo Kimura.


In recent years she has been proactively trying to promote bossa nova and in 2014 and 2015 she proposed bossa nova concerts in Yokohama’s Izumi ward’s culture center.


She has been doing private lessons and group activities as an instructor in her own classroom.